Fred Chapellier

Email Marketing Specialist

Do You Realize How Important Email Marketing Is?

I would like to tell you about the seminal role that email marketing plays in determining the success of your venture. For your online business to survive, not only is it important for you to retain your existing client base but also attract new customers so that there is no dearth in the demand of your products and services. 

Email Marketing is one of the most effective  tools which, if properly weilded, can build your credibility on the Internet. This in turn would generate leads and boost sales. Over a period of time, these factors would play an instrumental role in creating your brand image and promote your products and services. 

On your part you must ensure that the email templates you use for email marketing are contemporary and professional. Of course, you would need to insert your logo and content and customize it to a certain extent in order to add a unique touch but in the long run all the hard-work would pay off when your customers would come to recognize you through the logo or colors. Once your brand identity is established, it is just a matter of time before new customers are attracted to your website and might be seriously mulling on whether they should try your product. 

Experienced though I am in the field of email marketing, a suggestion that I would like to put forth is that there is no fixed formula that you can blindly rely upon to generate results. I owe much of the expertise that I have gained in this field to the experimental attitude that I donned early on when I started out and I would recommend the same to anyone who is in the same position. Only when you experiement with various methods that you realize which one works best for you and you can gradually build upon the strategy. 

Just so you have something to start with, following are some of the articles that I have compiled from my tryst in the field which I hope you would find helpful. Do go through these as these would truly provide you with an insight into the world of email marketing. 

Baking Email Marketing Into Your Business – Essential Tips

Email marketing is just as valuable as conventional SEO tactics and social media marketing when it comes to driving targeted traffic to your site and increasing your business’s sales figures. In fact, your business’s total e-mail subscriber count is a sort of litmus test for its growth and performance. Admittedly, a lot of businesses neglect e-mail marketing in favour of social media promotional campaigns but this is an unforgivable mistake. 


Tips on How to Find Perfect Subject Lines for Your Emails

Despite the widespread use and ever increasing popularity of social media networks, e-mail still remains the most effective form of digital marketing. As per current trends, internet gurus have predicted that approximately a third of the world’s population will be using e-mail by 2017. This is why most businesses spend a considerable amount of their resources in building up sizeable subscriber lists for promoting their products and services. 


Email Marketing Tests that All Online Marketers Should Do

E-mail newsletters are a great way to boost your site’s traffic and raise its sales. Their effectiveness lies in the fact that you are directly communicating with qualified people. After all, newsletters are sent to only two categories of people, namely new subscribers and past customers. The former have consented to receive information from you while the latter have already done business with you. 


5 Basic Strategies to Warm up and Revive an Old Email List

The issue of inactive subscribers affects practically every business that depends on a mailing list. In fact many surveys indicate that these dead subscribers often outnumber active subscribers. What is worse is that most organizations ignore their inactive subscribers by treating them as a necessary evil. They make no effort to implement any strategies to re-engage this clout. This is an unforgivable mistake since e-mail subscribers are more ‘qualified’ than the average person.