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Overwhelming that email marketing seems at first, there are moments when you wish you had someone more experienced to turn to. In fact I can recall countless such moments during my nascent phase but unfortunately I could not identify a guide who could steer me through the troubled waters. This motivated me to set up this website and it echoes my desire to extend a helping hand to all those novices out there who wish to make a beginning in the field but might be holding their horses back owing to some niggling doubt. 

Rather than succumb to the dilemma of a doubt that most often turns out to be meaningless, you can drop me an inquiry and give me a chance to educate you on this subject. I have 13 years exprience running my own marketing agency called Spheric World and after shutting it down I have decided to spend my life helping other achieve marketing success.

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The world is a sphere so all we need to do as a part of email marketing is to connect the dots and before long we will have established a global network of email marketing enthusiasts.