Fred Chapellier

Email Marketing Specialist

6 Tips On Growing an email list using YouTube

Although YouTube has lost some popularity because of its arguments with advertisers, it is still an incredibly useful program when it comes to customer engagement. One of the most underused tactics that savvy marketers have picked up on is the ability to use YouTube to create an email list. 

Yes, you can definitely create an email list from YouTube videos. Here are the best practices to ensure that you can do this in an efficient way.

1. Everything Starts with Great Content

In order to build an email list on YouTube, you must have content that engages your audience. You must build a specialized channel that has a specific brand and direction. This will keep your audience full of high quality prospects instead of a general audience that will not follow through and participate in any information grabs.

Ensure that your content contains the right topics by using a tool to find out what your audience is searching for on YouTube. I recommend using KeywordKeg's youtube tag generator to find good keywords that have high search volume.

Using high-definition cameras and good microphones with a mixing board is now par for the course. You need to have your production on par with the other professional channels on YouTube in order to have a good chance of building an email list from. If you do not, people will look at you as though you are amateurish. You might be better off using a platform outside of YouTube if you do not have the capacity to create a professional looking video.

2. Your Content Logistics

Great content also means that you are strategizing so that content does not stop you from generating an email list even if it is good. For instance, you want to ensure that your audience stays for the entire sales funnel until the end. Your videos should be no more than a few minutes long if you are trying to build an email list.

You should also make it very simple to generate an email list for yourself through your YouTube videos. You do not have to wait until the end of the video to give your audience a call to action. As a matter of fact, YouTube keeps analytics that will help you determine the most popular portions of your video. You may want to put up an annotation or a card during that time.

Additionally, you should put prompts to give an email in the video itself. This way, even if your audience turns off annotations, they still have a call to action embedded within the actual content.

3. Use the Header

You should always have an original header as the intro to your channel, and if you are trying to build an email list, you can use that header to increase your chances of a conversion. First of all, it should be completely original with some element that is not from any other source. Use Photoshop if you are having trouble finding images that are not copied everywhere.

Make sure the header is professional without pushing the email too much. However, you can definitely make it a prominent part of the header. Do not be afraid to sell a little bit if the graphics on the header are fully professional. One trick – place the email as far down in the header as you can. Because of the way that YouTube headers scroll, you give your email the most screen time as your user moves down into your video list if it is at the bottom.

4. Use the Video Description

The video description is one of the most overlooked places to place an email. You can definitely put it here, and it will appear in more than one place. Do not forget to do this, because you are missing out on some great digital real estate if you do not.

However, make sure that you also have value adding descriptions in the description. You cannot use any part of the YouTube platform as a place to hard-sell without adding any value. This will turn your users often cause them to look away from your content.   

5. Use Comment Replies

You should go back to your old videos every once in a while to see if people have commented on the thread. You can use any new comments as an excuse to drop your email, especially if the comment producer looks to be interested in what you have going on.

You may want to drop an email in comment threads where people are expressing dissatisfaction as well. Consider it an opportunity to perform customer service. If people have a question, do not answer it in the thread. Direct them to your email so that they have to get in touch with you through that in order to receive an answer. In this way, you can build your email list without directly asking people to deliver it to you on a silver platter.

6. Create an Original Video About Your Email List

It is quite all right to create one video about your email list. You may even dress it up by including some sort of a giveaway in the video. Because this video will stay up indefinitely, you do not need to make more than one. Simply direct people to this video from other videos if you feel the need to advertise it some more.

If you make more than one video trying to build an email list, people will consider you overbearing. This will definitely bring negative comments, and you also lose out on emails that you should have had. Do not make this mistake – make only one video that tells people about your list. Include some value adding proposition so that no one can accuse you of hard selling, and you are off to the races.

These are only a few of the ways that you can use YouTube to create an email list for yourself. There are many other techniques that you may be able to employ, especially as YouTube adds new features to its feature set. Make sure that you always look for the latest options on the platform, because huge platforms like this are always expanding.